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A win is a win. Does that comfort PSU fans?

Vikings stud Bobby McClintock dives for the endzone.

Vikings stud Bobby McClintock dives for the endzone.

Wow that was ugleeeee! Portland State kicked off its second season under Jerry Glanville with a 31-14 win over Division II bully Western Oregon. Overall, it was a pretty disheartening win, if such a thing exists. The Vikings had three times as many penalty yards as rushing yards and spent the entire first half looking confused, disinterested and finally, just plain frustrated. Vikings starting QB Tygue Howland didn’t even last a half. Many of the others looked as if they wished they could join him on the sidelines.

After skulking back to the locker room with a tenuous 7-0 lead, the Vikings let back-up QB Drew Hubel (he of the 9 TD performance against Weber State last year) take the reins, and the kid did alright. He went 28-40 with 305 yards and a pick, and did enough to matriculate the ball into the redzone, which is where bruising Bobby McClintock took over and punched in three second-half TDs to go along with his first-quarter score.

Let’s be clear, Vikings: play this way against UC Davis in two weeks and risk being absolutely embarrassed. There’s lots wrong, starting with the team’s mental discipline and ending with the brewing quarterback controversy. Personally, I don’t see that there’s even a real choice—Tygue Howland is through, which is sad because the dude’s only played in four career games.

But if the Vikings think they have a real shot at doing ANYTHING productive this year, then they must let Hubel continue to start. The offense looked crisper and much more comfortable with him behind center. I was on the field to snap some shots, and I could hear no panic in Hubel’s voice as he directed four workmanlike second-half scoring drives. Howland is probably going to have to Tonya Harding Hubel if he hopes to reclaim his starting role. One guy got the job done. The other guy didn’t. Sorrrrry.

The Vikings take next week off then travel to Davis, California. They are 1-0. Enjoy it.

Vikings football: sneak peek

The Vikings face Western Oregon on August 30 at PGE Park.

The Vikings face Western Oregon on August 30 at PGE Park.

Portland, Ore. — Like a ticking time bomb nearing its explosion point, the hours before the Vikings hit the field against Western Oregon are quickly shedding off.

The dial now reads seven days until season number two under head coach Jerry Glanville officially begins, when Portland State takes on the Wolves at PGE Park next Saturday afternoon.

And despite Glanville’s remarks that his squad is far from ready for live game action, offensive coordinator Darrell “Mouse” Davis believes the offense is shaping up nicely.

“We’re much better than a few weeks ago,” Davis said about his offensive unit.

Nate Hellman, ace beat reporter and sometime-editor of the Vanguard, Portland State’s daily student newspaper, has the scoop from the Vikings football practices. There is literally no other place on the web to get this much in-depth information on the Vikings than Hellman’s football blog. Check it religiously.

However, there’s something I have to say: the Vikings are going to get railed this year. Good god, they only went 3-8 last year and have a bunch of unproven running backs trying to play receiver. That sounds like a recipe for disaster, even in the abysmal Big Sky Conference. If they even flirt with going .500 this year I’ll tip my fucking cap. Until then, I’ll keep saying what I always say about Portland State football: When does basketball season start?