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The Beer Garden Strikes Back

...and we're back.

...and we're back.

Okay…so we’re back after an egregious break. A hell of a lot has happened since Sept. 16, the last time we posted. First of all, Bar Refaeli is on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue this year and, mostly because of that, this blog has blown up to over 112,000 hits. And John Smoltz is a Red Sox! Strange times, indeed.

In a closer orbit, the Portland State men’s basketball team is about to implode if they don’t find some leadership and a little more consistent shooting. But their biggest problem might be the one they simply can’t solve: The Vikings lack an inside presence. One of their toughest inside guys, Julius Thomas, is just 6-5, and taller players like Kyle Coston roam the outside. It’s an odd team this year, and it makes one pine for last year’s model, which featured 6-11 bruiser [uh, literally more like jaw smasher] Scott Morrison and dynamic wing Deonte Huff.

Vanguard sports editor Skyler Archibald is on board with my lack of inside presence theory. Check for the latest Vikings coverage.

So what does the future hold? Well, it’s spring training, the interminably long NBA season has finally ground its way past the All-Star break, the Bruins are in first place, and Pitt just creamed UCONN. All that means we’re going to have plenty to talk about in the coming months, and the Beer Garden will be there, if only to enjoy the ride.

Oh, and one more thing: Bar Refaeli is just insanely hot.


Because we seperate like ripples on a blank shore



Radiohead was fucking awesome last night at the White River Amphitheater. Do you even need to know the details, other than they had 25,000 fans wetting their pants continuously for two hours? Here’s a couple nuggets: they played all of In Rainbows, and lots of stuff from Amnesiac and OK Computer. Orgasmic. Truly. Next time I go I’ll sneak in my digital recorder.

Until then, you’ve got to be satisfied with the vids after the jump.

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Shut up and watch

Well fucking put.

Well fucking put.

This comic is hilarious and fully explains how I feel about Olympic protesting. Shut up and fucking watch. You know you want to. It just goes to show that at least 99 percent of people who have a problem with the Olympics are full of shit. Just be happy you live in America. Total medal count: 79 and counting.

Props to Dustin Glick. You’re a funny motherfucker, buddy.

Freezer burn

Not bad for five hours in the fridge!

Not bad for five hours in the fridge!

Kafr Yasif– A couple from Kafr Yasif in the Galilee received the shock of their lives Monday when the wife’s miscarried 610-gram fetus, which had been declared dead five hours earlier, was found to be breathing.

The baby girl, born during the 23rd week of gestation, still has an uncertain future. Hospital spokesman Ziv Farber said that any premature infant of that weight and age had only a 10 percent chance for survival. But five years ago, he added, “we had a baby weighing only 580 grams, and she survived.”

The 26-year-old mother and her husband have a five-year-old son at home. When she gave birth after going into premature labor at the hospital, the doctor on the scene pronounced it dead and it was taken to the morgue.

The father, Ali Majdub, told Channel 2 that his wife realized the child was alive after asking to see her dead daughter one last time.

This is crazy shit. That thing that popped out of her was barely an embryo. Gnarly. Oh, and kudos to the doctor who pronounced the fetus dead. Hey dude, it was alive after FIVE HOURS in the cooler! Five hours! At least Ali’s wife’s sentimentality paid off. I wonder how that conversation went: Uhhh, honey? There’s something wrong with our dead baby!