Clowned down

Why the long face, Ty?

Why the long face, Ty?

Dude, can it be the awesome era of Tyrone Willinghandjob is almost over at UW? Everyone who knows me realizes that I can’t stand the Huskies, and after the 44-10 loss the mutts took at Autzen I’m really not surprised that the pundits and talking heads are calling for this dude’s head just one freaking game into the seaosn. Come on, let the guy lose to BYU before we get all drastic here!

Since arriving in time for the 2005 season, Willingham’s dogs have gone 15-26, becoming the perennial trash of the Pac-10. As for Willingham, hey, I’ve got news for you dude—Notre Dame fired you because you are an egregiously AWFUL coach. Live with it, take your severance package and move the fuck on. Either that, or learn how to recruit. Your choice, really.

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